​​​Winchester Model 70 Upgrade Before & After

This one is mine! Ruger Precision Rifle, 6.5mm Creedmoor, and new Millett LRS 6-25x56 Long Range Scope. Can't wait to test it at 500-750yds!


Springfield 1922 M2 .22LR Training Rifle based on the 1903A3 battle rifle.

Most of these firearms are not for sale. They came through my shop for one reason or another and I thought they were special or unique. 

Skeletonized AR-15 from F-1 Firearms


Stevens 311 SxS Shotgun Before & After

Desert Eagle .50AE Caliber w/Titanium Gold Tiger Stripe Finish

Mosin Nagant PU Scope/Mount Installation

JC Higgins 187J .22 Stock Restoration

Gary Fagan Gunsmithing