I know, I KNOW!! I hear it everyday..."You never answer the phone!" I am getting up to 6 calls per hour from scammers, sometimes more. You know the calls, health insurance robocalls mostly. And the FCC and the 'Do Not Call' list does nothing to stop them. Now they are spoofing local numbers. So I have had to stop answering the phone altogether so I can get some work done. I agree it's no way to run a business, but answering robocalls more than working isn't a good thing either. So, I apologize!

PLEASE leave your name and number and I promise I'll call you right back.

Thank You for your understanding!


Updated 3/12/2019

Consignment Sales

Gypsum Gun Club

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Gary Fagan Gunsmithing

I Apologize!

Gunsmithing, Quality Used Firearm Sales, Transfers, Appraisals

Beginning December 1, 2018 we will be offering consignment services. In the past we have matched sellers to buyers, but have not truly consigned items for a percentage. This has proven to be time-consuming and costly for us. So we will now move into the consignment arena.

We will still buy used items, but sometimes an outright purchase is not feasible. That’s when consignment services can be beneficial to all partys.

Our consignment fee will be 10-15% (depending on the item) or $50 (whichever is more), plus an initial fee of $25 for pictures and website posting on www.GFGGuns.com and on other gun-related sites. If the item does not sell within the agreed upon time frame we will offer the option of posting the item on the Gunbroker auction site (additional Gunbroker fees will apply), or the item can be taken back into your possession.

I will have a calculation tool available to determine if consigning an item is feasible. Consigning a lower value item may not be acceptable to you. For example, an item valued/sold at $100 would only produce $25 for you ($100 selling price  - $50 commission - $25 initial fee = $25 for you).

Please give us a call or stop by for more details if you are interested.