Current Specials

The rifles above are examples of condition, the top being the best (only a few left) and the bottom is one of the worst (which still isn't bad at all!). Most are numbers matching. Wood stocks are intact with some dents and gouges but no splits or breaks. Each rifle includes a bayonet, sling, oil can, 5 stripper clips and ammo pouch.

These are fun historical shooters that are getting more popular with collectors!

Rifles are packed/protected with cosmoline and will need to be thoroughly cleaned before firing...

...or for a nominal fee we will clean and test fire it for you. Come by and pick yours before the better examples are gone!

Prices range from $375 - $395, depending on condition and serial numbers.

Get yours before prices rise even more! 

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Shop Hours -- Tuesday - Friday 1-6pm, Saturday 9-noon. Closed Sunday & Monday.

We still have some SKS Rifles Available!

Transfer fee - $45 for first item, $20 each additional item up to 4 items total.

Gary Fagan Gunsmithing

Remington 870 Express 12g Shotgun
Gently used, 18" barrel, Magpul furniture, accepts 2 3/4" and 3" shells. Extended magazine.
Sale Price - $350