Transfer fee - $35 for first item, $15 each additional item up to 4 items total.

Shop Hours -- Effective 1/1/2020, By Appointment Only. Call (970)471-4999 for an appointment.

5/31/2021 Update:

Insulated and sheetrocked! Thanks Jason and Jimmy!! Now the part that I dislike the most...taping. Still no power (come on Black Hills!!!).

2/22/2021 Update:

​First day of construction - despite the wind the guys got a lot done. Snow coming Wednesday.

Gunsmithing Services, Gun Repair, Firearm Appraisals in Gypsum

Gary Fagan Gunsmithing

5/8/2021 Update:

Gunsmithing, Buy/Sell Quality Used Firearm, Transfers, Appraisals

1/14/2021 Update:

The plans for the building of our new 24' x 30' shop are now complete and work is scheduled. That's the good news. The not-so-good news is the shop won't be completed until April-May. "Patience" is the word of the day. 

6/30/2021 Update:

Power is in!! Interior is almost ready to prime and paint, electrician is lined up to come back and finish lights and outlets. Yes, I know, this is taking forever!! I couldn't find anybody local to insulate, sheetrock, tape and paint (too small of a job), so I'm doing it myself. I wanted to be in by the end of May, now it looks like the end of July. Nothing ever goes as planned, but we'll get there!

Electrical and inspection complete, window security bars installed, insulation almost complete. Sheetrock delivered today. If everything goes as planned we should be ready to move equipment in by the end of May, two months ahead of schedule!!